Getting to Paxos

Arriving in Corfu

Getting to Paxos is simple and couldn’t be easier. This year our main Monday morning Gatwick charter will be with Enterair departing at 0910 and arriving into Corfu at 1415.  After arriving at Corfu Airport,  one of our Planos representatives, Jilly or Janet, will be waiting for you, to direct you to the coach, minibus or taxi, which take you to the New Port.

On arrival at the ferry port, Elena will provide your tickets for the ferry and direct you to the right place. The journey to Paxos will take one to two hours depending on which vessel is used but we use the fast hydrofoils wherever possible.

Getting to Paxos

On arrival our Paxos team will be ready and waiting to greet you in the harbour. After brief introductions, we will provide you with the information on the island you need to make your stay a perfect one. We will also acquaint you with your hire vehicle (if included with your stay) and escort you to your property. The delivery of your luggage is also included with this.  Exactly the same will happen in reverse on departure from Paxos where the flight back to Gatwick departs at 1540.

Panagiotis Aronis (Pano to everyone) is our Agent on Paxos.  He has offices in both Lakka and Loggos. Pano co-ordinates all our transfers and the changeover of accommodation. During the summer season we have a team of six to eight people on the island, most of whom are locals and members of the Aronis family.

In addition to this, Mary Buckley is our full-time resident Island Manager. Together with Pano, she will be looking after all your holiday needs on Paxos.

Regional Flights

If you would like to fly from a regional airport this year we can offer Bristol, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow.  There will most likely be regional flight supplements but we will discuss all this with you at the time.


Our team are always on hand throughout your stay. We encourage you to take advantage of their local knowledge to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.